“The capsules plus the 2-week easy menus made for a quick start to my diet. You’re not going to see me on Food Network any time soon, so meals without having to make recipes suits me just fine! :). The simpler, the better”. Thanks! Linda M.


“Dietitian’s Weight Loss Formula ™*  has been working for me. I believe they are true to their claims and I will continue to use them. The support their (Registered) Dietitians give (over email) has been a major bonus; I contact them about twice a week just for encouragement!. That ’s made a big difference. Thank you for caring:)” –  Jose M.


“Small capsules, steady results, any questions? Seriously, thanks. I’ll continue to keep you posted. –  Steven H.


“I’m 29 years old, just had a baby six months ago and I’ve been trying to lose the baby weight. I work out, eat a pretty healthy diet, and I lost about 10 pounds. Then nothing, I completely stopped losing weight.  After two weeks of frustration, I came across Dietitian’s Select Weight Loss Formula ™*. I’ve been on it now for about 6 weeks, and I’ve lost almost 10 more pounds. I kept doing my workouts and eating healthy. The weight loss standstill is history, and I feel great. Thank you very very much.Hanna B.


“I lost 7 ½  pounds in 3 weeks after starting your formula*. Dropping just that much made me feel a lot better physically, and about myself. I actually can’t remember the last time I lost more than five pounds, so this is a big deal to me”. (Being) able to ask (Registered) Dietitians diet questions for free is a definite bonus! Good thinking. Thank you.”  – April F.


James T. committed to cutting back on his regular diet and began taking Dietitian’s Select Weight Loss Formula ™*  capsules before eating lunch at work, and dinner at home. Although not recommended, James often skipped eating breakfast. In three months, he lost 11% of his body weight (33 pounds), going from  297 down to 264 pounds. James remarked. “I did most of the work, but the capsules must have helped, (because) I’ve been on a lot of diets – this time, to my surprise I’m actually losing weight.”  – James T.


“The FDA thing about  (Dietitian’s Select Weight Loss Formula™* ) being safe, and having qualified professionals to ask questions to,  sold me. Their (Registered) Dietitians actually make it fun, are super helpful, and keep me motivated to continue to cut the weight. Thank you Dietitians. Can you come to cook for me too!?”Katherine T.


Evelyn G. said she “loves to eat!”. To make up for years of overeating, she’s tried “about 20 diets!” over the last few years but quit them all because the weight loss “just wasn’t happening.” Recently, Evelyn started taking 1 or 2 capsules of Dietitian’s Select Weight Loss Formula™*  before most of her meals. She has lost 12 pounds over several weeks. “I’ve got 38 pounds to go to make my 50-pound goal. This is a good start”


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*Phase 2, the active ingredient in Dietitian’s Select Weight Loss Formula ™,

“Weight loss and weight management is perplexing. But Dietitian’s Select Weight Loss Formula provides an evidence-based solution with desired health effects. We have earned approval and recognition from dietitians, physicians, health organizations, governmental agencies, and men and women just like you. We are committed to making Dietitian’s Select Weight Loss Formula the highest quality, safest and most effective dietary weight loss product available.”

Jeff Pape, RDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Founder, Dietitians Select