Nothing beats

looking good.

Dietitian's Select Weight Loss Formula™


​Enjoy the pleasures that weight loss brings.


Comfortable-fitting clothes, pain-free walks, getting up with ease from the sofa, and looking and feeling your best. If life's pleasures are fleeting due to overweight, we can help!

Trusted by professionals since 2006 and now available to you, Dietitian's Select Weight Loss Formula is a simple, fast, and medically-proven way to lose weight using an easy-to-take pill.


SIMPLE Take one pill before meals.

FASTStarts working immediately.

PROVEN12 clinical studies of effectiveness.

SAFEFDA Certified

SUCCESSFUL - Weight loss.

12 pounds (1-bottle)

21 pounds (2-bottles)

30 pounds (3-bottles)

 SATISFIED 4.75 Stars average customer rating!


Easy To Use!

Take one capsule three times daily before meals while following a sensible diet. That's it!  We make weight loss simple with America's only Dietitian-created, Mayo Clinic tested, and FDA-Certified* weight loss pill.



Free weight loss Coaching! 

With any purchase, you get free personalized coaching from our award-winning Registered Dietitians! Have a question, need to troubleshoot, how about motivation  - no problem! We give you the products and personal attention you need to succeed

Jeffrey Pape, RD
Founder and CEO Dietitians Select Nutrition Products LLC ™

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